Morino Ventures Team Statement on Equity

Our Equity Focus

The Morino Ventures team strives to be inclusive and equitable in our actions, including relationship building, outreach, planning, decision making, implementation, assessment, adaptation, communications, and funding. We define equity as providing all people with fair opportunities, access, inclusion, and participation—while eliminating bias, discrimination, and injustice. It requires us to embrace diverse perspectives; nurture a just, inclusive, and supportive culture; and put in place policies and practices to provide everyone with the support they need to attain their full potential.

Applying an Equity Lens

Applying an equity lens is a process by which we promote integrity, engender respect, and inspire hope. We strive to embed equity as a core value in our organizational culture. An equity lens demands that we open our eyes, hearts, and minds to the reality that our society is rife with systemic and structural barriers that hold back whole groups of people. It also means we call out, confront, and work to change policies, practices, and systems that contribute to inequities.

We are clear that equity is essential in the pursuit of high performance. As a team, we commit to delivering on the community’s operative definition: “Convincing social sector leaders to invest in continuous improvement so nonprofits can be high-performance organizations, with the ability to deliver—over a prolonged period of time—equitable, meaningful, measurable, and financially sustainable results for the people or causes the organization is in existence to serve.”


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