Molly Baldwin

Molly Baldwin


Founder and CEO

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Molly Baldwin is the Founder and CEO of Roca, Inc, an organization committed to helping disengaged and disenfranchised young people move out of violence and poverty. A graduate of UMass, Amherst, Molly began her professional life as a youth worker relentlessly showing up for troubled young people on the street and at their homes, until they came to trust a single adult who would not fail them; she soon founded Roca in 1988. For over 25 years, she has been a tireless advocate, mentor, and community convener, reaching out to the highest-risk young people in Massachusetts‚ most dangerous urban communities.

With the help of engaged institutions and a committed team of youth workers, Molly’s efforts at Roca have helped over 25,000 young people transform their lives. Today, Roca intensively reaches out to over 700 participants each year, operating on the singular belief that people can change in spite of seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Molly is the recipient of numerous regional and national awards including an Honorary Doctorate from Salem State University.

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