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“Ambassador Insights” are drawn from online discussions of the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community, a private community of nonprofit experts, leader practitioners, and instigators.

“Ambassador Insights” are curated from the online discussions. While they do not represent the views of all ambassadors, those who offered input have vetted and approved their contributions. Each “Ambassador Insight” has also been presented to the full Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community for review.

They are intended to help provide context, resources, and information and are by no means an exhaustive review of available resources. Though we strive to keep this information current and accurate, errors can occur. They are therefore provided “as is” with no guarantee of accuracy, completeness, or timeliness.

Performance Articles

Stories about organizations on the path to high performance—different in size, location, mission, and maturity, but with a shared commitment to getting better at getting better.

The Pittsburgh Learning Circles Program

The Pittsburgh Learning Circles program, an initiative of The Forbes Funds, engages community nonprofit leaders tackling the challenge of organizational performance in a bold new way. The one-year program pilot brought together 26 nonprofit leaders to guide them through a structured approach to reflect, discuss, and continuously improve their organizations.

Better Together

Better Together provides a guide to starting a regional approach to learning and improvement based on the Pittsburgh Learning Circles Program.

The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community is a private community of experts and leaders who believe that mission and performance are inextricably linked. Our resources are collaboratively developed and offered to the field to support organizations on their journeys to high performance.

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