Carol Beasley

Carol Beasley


former Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Alum Ambassador

I retired in January 2021 after 18 years with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in a variety of project, program, and leadership roles. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is committed to better health and health care worldwide. ( ) I worked in healthcare improvement for nearly 30 years after initial careers in professional and reference publishing (engineering and computer science), and strategy consulting with a couple of different firms.

I continue my commitment to better, more personalized health care and resolving the systemic inequities in health and care rooted in systemic racism and historic patterns of oppression in the US and elsewhere.

In my post-career live I am continuing my engagement in environmental issues including habitat restoration, and sustainable urban living. On my home turf in Boston I’ve joined with other volunteers to support environmental stewardship on the Boston Harbor Islands—a jewel of the Boston environment. In more distant places I’ve volunteered on environmentally focused Earthwatch projects in Trinidad, Malawi, and Alberta Canada. One lesson that came clear, especially in Trinidad and Malawi, is that ecosystem and species protection only works if it works for the people affected.

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