Steve Butz

Steve Butz

Superstar Foundation

President and Founder

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Driven by his personal experience as a direct service worker, Steve founded Social Solutions in 2000 to help organizations relate efforts to outcomes and improve service delivery. Prior to founding Social Solutions, he worked with a Chesapeake Bay Foundation program for at-risk youth; the Learning Bank, an adult literacy center in West Baltimore; and with at-risk Baltimore youth at the Living Classrooms Foundation. This work prompted Steve to realize the need to better understand whether his services were actually having an impact on his students. Under Steve’s leadership, Social Solutions grew to serve thousands of human service organizations and government agencies throughout the U.S. and internationally. Steve left the organization in 2014 and now pursues his passion for empowering direct service workers to do great work as the Founder and Chairman of the Superstar Foundation. The Foundation has recognized more than a dozen direct-service professionals in the last four years through its annual Veronica Awards. He also is part of the Leap of Reason team that continues to push philanthropy and the social sector toward high performance.

Steve can usually be found playing a variety of sports with his three children or plotting his next getaway with his wife, Lisa. Steve’s true passions, outside of helping nonprofits improve their performance, are baseball and sailing. He is currently planning a circumnavigation of the world with a crew of friends, and his family will join him for a prolonged stretch in the South Pacific.

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