Anisha Chablani-Medley

Anisha Chablani-Medley


Chief Program Officer

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Anisha Chablani-Medley is Roca’s Chief Program Officer. Anisha started her career at Roca as a youth worker in 2000, and began running programming in 2002. Anisha oversees Roca’s program development, service delivery, and staff training functions and is responsible for creating and implementing Roca’s performance based management system. As part of her role, Anisha leads Roca’s efforts in driving towards outcomes and maintaining fidelity to the Roca Intervention Model. She is responsible for new material development, coaching, and implementation and most recently partnered with MGH Community Psychiatric PRIDE to develop a train the trainer based CBT curriculum for Roca’s target population.

As a result of being so deeply involved in Roca’s evolution, Anisha has had the opportunity to train, coach, and present to other nonprofits, funders, and public agency leaders on various aspects of Roca’s journey and the lessons that have come along the way. She has led and supported individual agencies and groups working on collaborative projects through their own TOC processes to get clearer and more effective in their own work.

Anisha has over 15 years of direct service experience working with very high-risk young adults and has over 10 years of program and organizational management experience. Anisha holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston College and a Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley University.

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