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Jenny Chandler


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Jenny joined the JusticeAid team working at the intersection of social justice and the arts. Early in her law career Jenny realized that she was drawn to helping nonprofits do more good in the world. After a short time as an associate at a law firm, Jenny pivoted to focus exclusively on charitable nonprofits, forming her own law practice to represent charities and foundations. As Deputy Director of Probono Partnership’s New Jersey program she founded a statewide pro bono program that provided free legal assistance to hundreds of nonprofits. In 2006, she moved to Washington, DC, to work on a national level to influence capacity building practices and public policies that help charitable nonprofits thrive.

Most recently Jenny served as Vice President of the National Council of Nonprofits where she focused on producing resources to highlight best practices in nonprofit management. In addition to serving as Managing Director for JusticeAid, Jenny is a committed pro bono volunteer for clients seeking political asylum in the United States. A little-known fact is that she was bitten with the musical theater bug in high school and has yet to give up her tap shoes. Jenny is an enthusiastic visitor to art museums, theater, and dance performances, and loves hiking anywhere in the world, including along the trails of the national park near her home in the District of Columbia. Jenny received her law degree from Boston College Law School and is a graduate of Dartmouth College, where she served as captain of the women’s lacrosse team and performed in several theater productions.

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