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Elizabeth Cushing is the CEO of Playworks, a national organization headquartered in Oakland that helps schools and school districts make the most of recess through on-site staffing, consultative support, professional development, and free resources.

Elizabeth has been with Playworks since 2004. She became president in 2011, and CEO in 2021. As CEO, Elizabeth leads the senior management team and is responsible for ensuring that all strategic targets are met across the organization. She has spearheaded Playworks’ growth plan, leading the organization through a scaling strategy that took it from partnering with 61 schools in 2004 to nearly 2,000 schools now.

Elizabeth has more than 30 years of nonprofit management experience with youth development and youth-serving organizations, and as a leader in the youth development field, is frequently invited to speak about Playworks’ scaling experience, and how play supports children’s development and wellbeing.

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