Katherine Fulton

Katherine Fulton


Advisor, writer, speaker, citizen leader

Katherine Fulton has been a leading strategic advisor to foundations, high-net-worth donors, major nonprofits and rising social entrepreneurs for the past 20 years. She spent a decade building Monitor Institute into one of the nation’s leading social sector consulting firms, and has published and spoken widely on the future of philanthropy, impact investing and social change. She now works independently from her home in the San Francisco Bay area.

Previously Katherine was a journalist and entrepreneur, co-founding an award-winning, alternative newspaper in the American South where she grew up. Her conviction in the early 1990s that the internet would transform journalism led her to join Global Business Network in California, where she advised leaders in more than a dozen industries as they sought to adapt more skillfully to rapid change. In whatever leadership role she finds herself, she aspires to work with other leaders who have the courage to face uncertainty, see new realities and build a better future for all.

Katherine has also devoted a great deal of time to volunteer work, serving on more than a dozen boards. She currently co-chairs The Long Now Foundation and recently founded a philanthropic fund in her community to respond to the pandemic emergency.

She and her wife Katharine Kunst have been together for more than 30 years.

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