Abby Knopp

UJA Federation of New York

Managing Director, Network Department

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Abby Knopp has been working in the Jewish nonprofit sector since 2001. She began her formal career at UJA-Federation of New York, having been hired to bring her knowledge of and experience with the Russian-speaking Jewish community to UJA’s efforts to expand relationships in that community. Abby also worked at both the Foundation for Jewish Camp, as Vice President of Program and Strategy, and at The Jewish Education Project as Chief Operating Officer before returning to UJA in 2019.

In all her professional roles, Abby has supported the creative and innovative and also applied a disciplined approach to program design and roll-out, ensuring follow-through, accountability, and measuring accomplishments against stated goals. At The Jewish Education Project, Abby oversaw the implementation of a Salesforce CRM, and introduced an annual educator survey to measure the agency’s impact on educators in schools and synagogues across New York.

In addition, Abby has prioritized an intentional focus on equity and inclusion wherever she has worked. After seven years at the Foundation for Jewish Camp, she introduced initiatives that encouraged outreach to diverse Jewish communities and established as an organizational priority, active inclusion of children with disabilities.

As Managing Director of the Network Department at UJA, Abby leads a team whose raison d’etre is to support a strong, sustainable and connected eco-system of non-profits to serve the needs of the community and maximize the impact of UJA’s mission and work on the ground. Careful oversight as well as assessment of performance and management allows us to make data-informed funding and policy decisions. The Network Department provides our core partners with general operating funding and capacity-building resources to move towards organizational excellence and build valuable partnerships to increase impact on communities in New York.

Abby lives in New York City with her husband and has three grown sons and one adorable granddaughter.

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