Kali Lindsey

Kali Lindsey

ETR Associates

Director, Youth Engagement Strategies

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Kali Lindsey is the Director of Youth Engagement Strategies for ETR. He is a non-profit executive with specialized skills in building strategies for ethnic, gender, racial, and sexual minority networks and organizations in various sociopolitical contexts. He has commissioned independent research and recruited and led multiple implementation teams to develop and implement campaigns and initiatives designed to influence a person’s behavior or advance progressive changes to applicable systems.

He has led the development of programs and strategies at local, regional, national, and global levels, including outcome-based grant-making strategies accompanied by rigorous program evaluation. He has developed partnerships with corporations, global foundations, U.S. and international governments, and grantee partners, ranging from grassroots activists and academic centers to major international and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), supporting the development of ideas into concept notes and proposals.

Before working in philanthropy, Mr. Lindsey led coalitions and teams at national NGOs to influence changes in public policy at regional, national, and global levels. He brings more than twenty years of experience in advocacy and development to address health system barriers that impede health equity, particularly among racial/ethnic, sexual, and gender minority communities.

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