Rose Longhurst

Open Society Foundations

Head of Team – Democratic Renewal

Alum Ambassador

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I’ve been thinking about philanthropy for nearly two decades, as part of environmental and feminist groups and as a staff member of a range of nonprofits. I currently work at Open Society Foundations, where I’m a Senior Programme Officer in the Europe and Eurasia Programme, focusing on democratic innovation. Prior to joining OSF, I specialised in ‘participatory grant-making’. This is where the people making the decisions about grant-funding are those most affected by the outcome. For example, disabled people would review proposals about disability. Since 2013 I’ve been part of The Edge Fund, a UK-based foundation that gives grants to grassroots activists challenging the root causes of injustice. This experience which helped me to co-found another participatory grantmaker, FundAction, which supports activism across Europe. I was on the board and staff of the EDGE Funders Alliance, the network for progressive philanthropy, for many years, where I learned an enormous amount about global struggles and solidarity. I’m Senior Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity at the London School of Economics, and I’m currently chair of the board of Global Greengrants UK. Aside from talking about intersectional justice, I love climbing, cooking and karaoke. I have a terrible voice but plenty of enthusiasm, so I’m your go-to person if you want to hear someone sing Abba passionately/badly.

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