Chioke Mose-Telesford

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

Director of Improving Practices & Outcomes

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Chioke Mose-Telesford is the Director of Improving Practices & Outcomes at Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW), a national workforce policy and systems change nonprofit that partners with government, business, and community leaders to develop good jobs and the skilled workers to fill them. She brings her skills at innovative problem solving, knack for strategic thinking and coalition building, and deep commitment to supporting and putting the needs of low-wage workers first. Chioke manages CSW’s portfolio of work centered on strengthening the capacity of workforce professionals to develop more effective services and policies to increase economic mobility for workers, particularly for workers of color. Chioke leads CSW’s program continuous improvement strategies supported through the Workforce Benchmarking Network (WBN) and the WBN National Survey. Chioke builds CSW’s expertise and experience with using both quantitative and qualitative data to support the continuous improvement of workforce provider performance and equitable results for job seekers.

Prior to joining CSW, Chioke was the Director of Systems Alignment and Policy at the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development in Detroit. Her work focused on reducing systemic barriers to employment by collaborating with various agencies and organizations to align efforts, developing pilot interventions prior to scaling, and evaluating policy to better support jobseekers. Chioke also developed strategy to support populations of residents who faced additional workforce barriers, including Detroiters with justice-involvement, disabilities, or significant skills gaps. During her tenure, Chioke helped co-design Detroit’s Career Center system, a citywide foundational skills strategy and led the establishment of a comprehensive system alignment and barrier removal strategy.

Chioke also worked at Grand Circus, a coding bootcamp in Detroit, where she oversaw marketing and admissions and led efforts to increase diversity in the tech sector. Chioke’s inclusive admissions process and person-centered programs led to the organization exceeding industry averages for diversity and job placement. Chioke also has experience in the education sector in New York City, Detroit, and Vietnam, where she focused on college access and completion for first generation students and youth of color.

Chioke is a 2022 Feedback Champion and 2017 member of the Detroit Workforce System Leadership Development Academy, a part of the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunity Fellows Network. Chioke holds a BA in African and African American Studies from Stanford University and serves as President of the Stanford Club of Michigan. She is also a member of the Detroit Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and a Member at Large for Detroit’s Continuum of Care Board, a coordinated system focused on preventing and ending homelessness. In her spare time, Chioke spends her time gardening and running after her three energetic kids.

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