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Hector Rivera

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Hector M. Rivera is a cultivated professional and a dynamic leader in the non- profit sector. Hector has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Human Services and provides a broad spectrum of expertise in the areas of; Youth Development, Workforce Development, Leadership Cultivation, Training/Facilitation, Project Management, and Information Management Systems. Hector has been gainfully employed by Our Piece of the Pie® (OPP®) for over 18 years and has held many titles during his tenure with the agency. Hector was initially hired as a Youth Development Specialist (case manager) but his drive, determination and ambition quickly propelled him into leadership roles.

Currently, Hector is the Chief Operations Officer (COO), which encompasses operational oversight of all OPP’s Community based programs. As the COO, he works hand-in-hand with the CEO/President to ensure that his respective areas obtain and sustain the resources and capacity necessary to deliver quality services and more importantly positive results. During his tenure with OPP Hector has helped OPP become one of the nation’s leading non-profits in the areas of Youth Development, Workforce Development, Academics and Post-Secondary transition.

As OPP President/CEO Enid Rey states, “Hector is a respected, proven and effective non-profit leader who has help OPP strengthen and execute the mission of helping urban youth become economically independent adults,” “Hector has risen through the ranks here at OPP and has become an expert in our field and a well- respected member of the OPP team and the Hartford community, we’re lucky to have him”

Hector continually and consistently demonstrates his commitment, collaborative-spirit, and timeliness in responding to the ever-changing conditions of the human services landscape. He often wears “many hats” to ensure OPP not only meets, but exceed organizational and contractual outcomes, and overcomes systemic challenges.

For those of you who know him professionally, you know how relentless he can be when it comes to creating and providing opportunities for young people.

Despite his humble beginning of being raised in an impoverished and often time’s violent neighborhood in Hartford’s north end, Hector also achieved great academic success, earning a bachelor’s degree from Springfield College and (2) Master Degrees in Management and Business Administration both from Albertus Magnus College.

Hector was appointed to the National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) Board of Directors in March 2013 and appointed to the Board of Directors for Camp Courant in April 2013.

Hector has spent his entire professional life as an advocate for young people. Both his personal and professional goals are built on helping others (particularly young adults) achieve their dreams and developing themselves.

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