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Ananda Roberts

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nFocus Solutions is the leading provider of performance management and outcome measurement to the public sector. Based in Austin, Texas, nFocus Solutions’ clients include the United States Army, cities, states, public education, community-based organizations, and afterschool programs. As President, Ms. Roberts oversees the strategic direction and manages company operations.While attending college in Texas, Ms. Roberts started her company which specialized in event production and fundraising for community-based organizations. While working with these organizations, Ms. Roberts noticed inequities in the system. She noticed that smaller organizations were often unable to attract funders and influential board members who could assist them in growing their programs and services. She saw the playing field as uneven and wanted to help level it. This led to the development of software solutions for the public sector.In 1995, nFocus Solutions launched its first commercial-off-the-shelf software application, called KidTrax®; (now part of the TraxSolutions® suite) which is used by over 4,500 community-based afterschool programs across America. More recently, entire communities have begun deploying TraxSolutions, to measure the impact and efficacy of their social services. The TraxSolutions suite is a scalable, web-based, integrated performance management system that allows organizations, communities, and entire states to manage and evaluate effectiveness. TraxSolutions collects and transforms raw data into information, providing the ability to measure outcomes, efficacy, and impact.In 2005, the United States Army selected one of nFocus Solutions (then called nFocus Software) applications to provide the base functionality for the Army’s Unit Training Management System. The web-based software system tracks the training plans for over 1.4 million soldiers in the US Army. nFocus Solutions’ applications provide enterprise-level training management and tracking for the worldwide fielding and sustaining of the U.S. Army’s training management system. In 2009, the U.S. Department of Defense approved a Mentor-Protégé; program between General Dynamics Corporation and nFocus Solutions. The Mentor-Protégé relationship provides nFocus Solutions with the ability to successfully compete and execute prime contracts and subcontracts with the government by providing assistance in software development, contract management, business and proposal development, as well as financial and security management.

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