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Nan Stone

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Nan Stone is a senior advisor at The Bridgespan Group, where she spent more than a decade as the firm’s founding knowledge partner. In this capacity, she led the creation of a culture in which generating and sharing insights across the social sector became part of everyone’s job description. As a senior advisor, she continues to serve as a thought partner for colleagues who are developing new ideas and frameworks to help nonprofit leaders and philanthropists advance their missions as effectively as possible. She is the co-author of several of seminal Bridgespan articles and books, including “Zeroing in on Impact”‚ “Delivering on the Promise of Nonprofits”‚ and “Next Generation Community Revitalization: A Work in Progress.” Before joining Bridgespan, Nan had a lengthy career at the Harvard Business Review, culminating in her becoming its editor-in-chief. Her first official decision: the inauguration of a social enterprise department as a regular feature of the publication. During her years at HBR, she had the opportunity to work with many of the world’s most highly regarded management thinkers, among them Peter Drucker who asked her to become the first executive director of his archive and institute at Claremont Graduate University. Nan has also played key roles in the development of a number of influential books including What Management Is, How It Works and Why Its Everyone’s Business and Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results. Nan received her AB magna cum laude from Smith College. She holds a PhD in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University, where she was a Whiting Fellow in the Humanities. She and her husband are long-time residents of in Cambridge, and she is currently a trustee of the Cambridge Community Foundation and an advisory member of the city’s Human Services Commission.

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