Lester Strong

Lester Strong

Peaceful Guardians Project

Founder and Senior Advisor

Affiliate Ambassador

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Lester Strong’s distinguished career includes visionary leadership in the fields of educational entrepreneurship, development, and broadcast journalism. As chief development officer for the BELL Foundation, which provides tutoring and mentoring to underserved children, Lester doubled the foundation’s endowment. A longtime proponent and practitioner of meditation, he was also CEO of the SYDA Foundation, an organization that provides instruction in yoga and meditation in 46 countries.

Lester spent more than 25 years in the television industry, and won five regional Emmy Awards. Most recently, he served as chief executive for AARP Experience Corps and principal gifts officer for the AARP Foundation. Lester’s role focuses on connecting Kripalu with the foundations, organizations, and major partners who will help move forward our ambitious mission-driven agenda.

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