Tiziano Tazzi

Tiziano Tazzi

Fondazione Lang Italia

Founder and Former President

Affiliate Ambassador

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Tiziano Tazzi is founder and former President of Fondazione Lang Italia (from 2011 to 2023) and has over thirty years of management experience in the financial and banking sector. He graduated in Economics at the Bocconi University of Milan in 1977. After a few years in the family business and an MBA from SDA Bocconi, in 1982 he began his professional career at Citibank and in 1985 he moved to Eptaconsors, a merchant bank, as M&A Director. In 1987 Tiziano joined the BNL Group where he played key roles in the Asset Management field and in the financial products‚ sales networks sector. He spent 13 years in the Group, where he served as Managing Director of leasing companies and joined the Boards of several subsidiaries. From 1995 to 1999 he was Director of Planning and Organizational Development in BNL Investments SIM, which he left to found an internet start-up (Natam SpA) specialized in intelligent systems for analysis and comparison. In 2003 Tiziano returned to the financial sector, as General Manager of Banca Sara Banca della Rete and Holding Banca Sara, which he left at the end of 2006. Then he worked in the trust field as consultant and CEO of a trust company. In 2010, he was appointed trustee of the Lang Trust, who gave birth in 2011 to Fondazione Lang Italia. Tiziano has deep interests in disciplines and techniques of complementary and alternative medicine. In 2023 he retired from all his work activities.

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