Performance Practice

Learn. Improve. Repeat.

The Performance Practice helps organizations delve deeper into the Performance Imperative and apply it for ongoing reflection, learning, and continuous improvement. The Performance Practice helps organizations discover and act on ways to improve with:

  • A series of concrete behaviors and specific practices that allow an extensive, in-depth look into the organization and a broad lens to identify areas for improvement.
  • modular structure that provides different paths into organizational improvement with proof points organized and presented for each of the framework’s seven organizational disciplines. Leaders can select one module (or several at a time) and work through each discipline in their own way and at their own pace.

Each module of the Performance Practice is based on one of the seven pillars of the Performance Imperative.

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Put the Performance Imperative into action with the Performance Practice

Explore the modules to determine the right starting point and process for your organization:

Module 1: Leadership

The perfect starting point for those who want to strengthen their leadership team and increase board engagement.

Module 2: Management

Develop a shared understanding and an action plan to increase staff satisfaction, retention, and performance.

Module 3: Programs

Identify the right next steps for your organization to define, measure, and produce better outcomes.

Module 4: Finances

Engage board members, finance staff, and other team members to identify ways to take charge of your organization’s financial destiny.

Module 5: Culture

Improving your organization’s learning culture will motivate staff, develop trust, support talent development, and push the entire organization to get better at getting better.

Module 6: Monitoring

The board, management, and staff understand the organization’s mission and desired results and review them periodically to ensure that they are still relevant.

Module 7: Evaluation

Examine whether you’re tracking the right metrics and collecting the right data to chart course corrections and make operational and programmatic improvements.

All Performance Practice Modules

View or download all of the Performance Practice modules in one place.

Getting Started

Learn about best practices for hosting a Performance Practice learning session.

The Performance Practice is designed to support a continuous process of organizational learning and improvement through one or more learning sessions. A learning session is a structured process based on surveying, synthesizing, and discussing views and inputs about principles and proof points for one or more modules of the Performance Practice.

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