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Protecting Ambassador Contributions and Community-Generated Works

We have taken a series of steps to formally recognize the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community (“the Community”) and protect the intellectual property (IP) ownership of its community-generated content. These steps are designed to: 1) facilitate and enable collaborative exchange and development within the community; and 2) encourage broad-based reproduction, distribution, and (relatively unconstrained) use and creation of derivative works of community-generated content. We consider these works the property of (owned by) the community and protect them through a selective and respectful application of trademark, copyright, and Creative Commons licensing described below.

Overview and Purpose

These provisions are consistent with the initial premises for the Community presented in late 2013 and have been reviewed by outside counsel with IP expertise related to digital media and online communities. Our aim is to collectively benefit the Community by establishing:

  • The definition of community ownership for content “developed collaboratively” within and by the community (e.g., The Performance Imperative)
  • Provisions to protect content that the Community makes publicly available—to ensure broad use while establishing reasonable restrictions on remixes, excerpts, translations and other derivative works to preserve the content’s original meaning or intent.

While there is a clear definition of the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community as a community of leaders, it is not a legal entity and, as such, the Morino Institute, the home of the Leap Ambassadors Community’s support team, serves as the provisional holder of community IP. The Community acknowledges that the Morino Institute is the provisional holder of trademarks, domains, copyrights, etc. on behalf of the Community, pending final designation at the discretion of the Community, and, as required, may serve as the initial “owner” on filings and registrations.

Member-Generated Content Within the Community: Whenever you contribute content to the Community, which can include but is not limited to posting comments on the website, contributing to shared/collaborative documents, uploading images or video, posting to email discussion lists, or responses to requests for feedback (collectively, “Contributions”)—you do so understanding these points (unless you specifically notify us otherwise at

  • You explicitly assign ownership to the Community, which has the right to remix, create derivative works, and otherwise use your contributions at its discretion.
  • You make your Contribution knowing it may be used to collaboratively develop works to be made publicly available by the Community.
  • You explicitly agree there is no joint authorship intended, no financial compensation provided, and all rights are reserved to the Community.

When your own writing is quoted or specific references to you individually are included in works to be made public, you will have the opportunity to review and grant permission. If you wish to retain ownership of a specific piece of content, including copyrighted works, you need to make this explicitly clear when you share it with the community.

Third-Party Content: You are responsible for compliance with applicable law (including, without limitation, copyright and publicity rights). You represent to the Community that you have the proper rights, licenses, and/or authorization for such sharing. Please acknowledge the source of third-party content and maintain any and all copyright or other proprietary notices embedded in or attached to shared third-party content.

Community-Generated Products for Public Availability: Pursuant to the mission of the Community, the collaborative development process generates works the Community aims to share publicly. In some cases, it will be appropriate for the Community to seek IP protection of such output. In the event that any concepts from the collaborative process constitute “works” subject to copyright protection, Community members agree that without any financial compensation or joint ownership rights, any relevant rights are assigned to the Community in order to enable it to protect the unified work as property of the Community, through its provisional IP holder, the Morino Institute.

Community-generated content that is explicitly made available to the public is offered under and will be marked according to the following terms:

ccl_logoThese materials, collaboratively developed by the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. We encourage and grant permission for the distribution and reproduction of copies of these materials in their entirety (with original attribution). Permissions beyond the scope of this license are defined as follows:

You may adapt or make derivatives (e.g. remixes, excerpts, or translations) of these materials, so long as they do not, in the reasonable discretion of the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community, alter or misconstrue the material’s meaning or intent.

Attribution is to be in the following formats:

For unmodified use of materials, the attribution information already contained in the materials is to be maintained intact.

For adaptations of these materials, attribution should substantially follow this format: “From {title of item}, Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community, licensed under CC BY ND

The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community may revoke the additional permissions described above at any time. For questions about copyright, CC licensing issues, or special requests for use beyond the scope of this license, please email us at

Other Considerations: Morino Institute is the home of the Community’s support team. It is also the provisional holder of trademarks, domains, copyrights, and related rights for the Community, pending final designation at the discretion of the Community. On behalf of the Community, the Morino Institute has or will file/register the following IP items:

Trademarks (USPTO)

Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community

Leap of Reason

Leap of Reason logo

Registered Internet Domains, .com, .net, .com, .net, .com, .net, .com, .net, .com, .net, .com, .net, .com, .net

Registered Copyrights

Selected Leap Ambassadors products, e.g., “The Performance Imperative: A framework for social-sector excellence”

Visual graphic for the Performance Imperative

This list will be updated from time to time.

We reserve the right to change these policies at any time and will communicate any significant changes to the community in a timely fashion (i.e. post in a prominent area of the website, send an email communication, etc.)

The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community is a private community of experts and leaders who believe that mission and performance are inextricably linked. Our resources are collaboratively developed and offered to the field to support organizations on their journeys to high performance.

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