Funding Performance Duplicated for Beth

Shining a Spotlight on Funders Investing in Grantees’ Performance

Funders’ impact is inextricably tied to the performance of their grantees.

The Funding Performance campaign promotes and encourages funders willing to support their grantees’ learning and improvement—and open to learning and improving themselves. We seek to influence funders of all types—from CEOs of multibillion-dollar private foundations to program officers at community foundations to donor families addressing a cause of personal significance—to do even more to help their grantees improve their performance.

The Performance Imperative Kickstarter, “Funding Performance: How Donors Can Do More Good,” sets the groundwork for a steady series of stories, examples, and other relevant material that present positive actions by funders that support and adopt high-performance approaches.

Funding Performance Duplicated for Beth

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