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Financial sustainability is key for nonprofits and includes having cash reserves, being strategic toward achieving outcomes, and operating transparently.

Thinking About Sustainability in a Whole New Way

VIDEO | Sustainability is about much more than finances. Founder and CEO Christa Gannon shares what it means to Fresh Lifelines for Youth.

When You have the Data, It Helps You Get the Money

VIDEO | President and CEO Carol Rivchun shares an example of how data helped Youth Opportunities Unlimited raise funds.

Everyone Deserves a Fair Slice

VIDEO | Need to explain to stakeholders why typical funding practices need to change? Share this funny analogy to a pizza shop.

No Margin, No Mission

VIDEO | William Attaway, lead pastor of Southview Community Church, talks about why margin matters and how to build it.

Fundraising 101

VIDEO | Get over the fear of asking and learn how to seek–and receive–donations for your nonprofit. Rueben Mayes shares seven keys to successful fundraising at TEDxWSU 2014.

Keys to Fundraising Success

VIDEO | Advancement Director Jayne Eiben shares how relying on donors with strong mission affinity and nurturing those relationships became a key to successful fundraising at the Lawrence School.

Funding Opportunity Assessment Tool

WEB SITE | This tool will help you and your colleagues evaluate whether a funding opportunity makes strategic sense and is feasible for your organization. Use the online questionnaire or a pdf.

Financial Statements Primer for Board Members

WEB SITE | This guide helps board members understand key financial statements–balance sheets and income statements–for carrying out the legal responsibility of financial oversight.

Healthy Reserves are No Accident

PDF | Hilda Polanco, founder and managing director of Fiscal Management Associates, shares tips on how nonprofits can build reserves.

Reserve Fund Policy Template

PDF | This template and guide help you create your nonprofit’s own reserve fund policy. Pro-tips help tailor it to your organization’s circumstances.

Grantmaking for a Rainy Day

ARTICLE | Could you help build your organization’s reserves by asking a foundation for a “reserve grant”? This article explores what it is and who should consider asking for one.

Resources for Nonprofit Financial Management

WEB SITE | Try the self-assessment guide to understanding how this site can help. You’ll find loads of resources on financial planning, operations, monitoring, and governance.

The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community is a private community of experts and leaders who believe that mission and performance are inextricably linked. Our resources are collaboratively developed and offered to the field to support organizations on their journeys to high performance.

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