In January 2022, the LEAP Ambassadors Community (LAC) kicked off the LEAP Futures Initiative (LFI), a crucial engagement to help the LAC to map out scenarios to become a sustainable, self-governed entity after 2023. In kicking off the LFI, the Monitor Institute by Deloitte (MIbD) Team and Leap Support Team (LST) launched a survey from March to April to capture ambassadors’ input on the direction of the LAC and to understand how they would like to be involved in shaping its future.

We received 225 responses to the survey—an impressive response rate of about 75 percent. If you would like to see the detailed results of the survey, click on this link. For those of you who are interested in learning more about the survey results, the MIbD team presented the full set of results on Wednesday, April 27. If you missed that session, you can find a recording here.

What you told us

Perspectives on the Future

How You Would Like to Engage in the Leap Futures Initiative

The Steering Committee Volunteers

14 ambassadors raised their hand to join the Steering Committee and their overall composition is below:

Given our commitment to equity, inclusion, and transparency, we encourage diversity of people, voices, and perspectives on the Steering Committee. If you didn’t volunteer to participate in the Steering Committee, and you’re interested in joining, please reach out to Rhonda Evans.

Inclusion, Equity, and Transparency

Survey respondents provided input on actions to make the LFI process more inclusive, equitable, and transparent. This feedback included the need to actively engage ambassadors in the Outcome Equity micro-community, ambassadors across geographies, as well as quieter participants. Survey respondents suggested that the LFI team be transparent in sharing feedback and findings, center community and grantee voices, solicit feedback from non-ambassadors, not prioritize process over outcomes, and be intentional about communications timing, frequency, and level of detail.

Where We’re Headed Next

The MIbD team will work with the Steering Committee to finalize its composition and develop the Steering Committee Charter. The MIbD team will also work with the Steering Committee to incorporate survey input into the LFI process, research and develop different options for the future of the LAC, and build out a Minimum Viable Plan and governance options. In order to provide ongoing transparency, the MIbD team will engage with the LAC at regular intervals to provide updates on the process and the Steering Committee’s findings.

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